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After 9/​11, Homeland Security began issuing alerts. I wrote an article about the "Duck & Cover" drills during the post-war atom bomb shelter craze. I also read the article on the Boston Public Radio Station:WBUR.

The Los Angeles Times: "Again a Net of Fear Over Our Kids," 2/​17/​2003


My husband and I planned a boat trip off the coast of Maine. Alas, it was not to be. "Why Travel Insurance Matters," 2/​2006



My agent was approached by Amazon. Did she have any clients interested in an online experiment: Amazon Shorts? For just pennies, a reader can download short stories off the Amazon site. This is my story:


If I am in the city on a Saturday, I'll often work for the Central Park Conservancy. This is an article I wrote for their website,"Gardening in the Park With Dan":