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 Photo ©copyright Carol Bergman 2021




BECOMING A WRITER; A Memoir & Workbook


 © copyright by Carol Bergman 2020




Anyone can publish these days but how do we know when we have written something worthwhile?  Where is our audience and why would this imagined audience want to read what we have written? Does it matter?  Shall we continue writing regardless of financial success or recognition?  What does it mean to be a writer, to follow the path of admired writers, and to lead a sustainable writing life?  In "Becoming a Writer," Carol Bergman, an award winning writer and writing teacher, answers these questions. She has been teaching writing workshops at Gotham Writers Workshop and NYU since 1997 and has many inspiring and useful ideas for both mentors and aspiring writers. 


"Becoming a Writer"  is available as a PDF download for $10 





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