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Carol Bergman's PDF Bookstore is a not-for-profit store offering PDF's of her short published fiction.  Proceeds are donated to PEN America to  support, encourage, protect, mentor, and advocate for censored, persecuted, or incarcerated writers in the United States, and throughout the world. 

Photo © copyright by Carol Bergman 2021

ICE MOUNTAIN is a collection of three stories inspired by mountains, literal and metaphoric. You may order the entire collection for $15, or an individual story for $5. The titles are: "Ice Mountain," "The Hike," and "Trouble on the Mountain." 


THE JAPANESE STORIES are inspired by my years teaching English to Japanese businessmen and their wives. For the record, the stories are not an appropriation, they are an empathetic appreciation. The titles are: "A Last-Minute Realization," "My Life Before Romance," "Recently," "Sudden Death," "The Wall," and "This is How We See the World." You may order the entire collection for $35, or an individual story for $5. 


Becoming a Writer is both a memoir and a workbook with suggestions for aspiring writers. $10


Ordering:  Send an email to carol.bergman@gmail.com and I will send you instructions for ordering the books.