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2021 Workshops



Image © copyright 2019 by Alexandra Baer, Director, Unison Arts Center, New Paltz, NY



Inspired by Nature Writing Workshop: Location TBA

© copyright by Carol Bergman 2021


Harness the forces of nature to discover its many sources of inspiration in this writing workshop. Bring a notebook with unlined pages, a free flowing pen, a glue stick, memories of hikes and walks, favorite nature photographs, and most important, your imagination. Learn how to utilize journal notes, photographs, observations, sketches, and dreams to inspire ideas for short stories, poems, memoirs, and essays. Read and discuss writers inspired by nature, including Annie Dillard, Gretel Ehrlich, Jourdan Imani Keith, and Meera Subramanian. 




Live Storytelling Workshop @Unison Arts Center, New Paltz, NY In the tradition of "The Moth," Unison is offering its first live storytelling workshop and performance. I will run a workshop to generate stories and introduce students to Seth Davis Branitz, storytelling coach, who will help writers prepare their stories for performance on March 21. I am excited about this collaboration. 


Registration on the website:








Where I'm From Writing Workshop


©copyright Carol Bergman 2021

This workshop is designed to inspire poets and prose writers to find inspiration in their family history, family legends, childhood neighborhoods, early schooling, significant friendships, influences, and unexpected challenges. There will be discussion about writing craft, sample readings, and free writing in situ.







Witness to History Writing Workshop

©copyright Carol Bergman 2021


In this interactive workshop class, students will choose a reported event they have witnessed either first-hand or through the media. We will begin with oral story-telling of personal recollections and then seek out primary source material @ the library, or on the internet, before drafting a personal essay. Narrative devices will be discussed and demonstrated. Please bring a notebook and a free flowing pen. Beginners and seasoned writers are welcome.








By audition/ invitation only. Prerequisite: workshop experience, motivation, commitment to critiquing work.


Individual Coaching @ a realistic sliding scale within your budget.


Email: carol.bergman@gmail.com for more information.