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Testimonials From Students

I do think I lucked out in having you teach this course. You are clearly very knowledgeable and have a passion for teaching. I found your comments incredibly useful. Thank you, Carol, for your attention to my work and all the feedback you gave me. I hope to stay in touch with you in the future.

--Emily Sears, Dancer/Performance Artist

"This feels like the first real writing class I have ever taken. That sounds cynical, I know, but most of the classes I have taken have been for less serious students and I think this is the first one in which I've really gotten a sense of what it means to be a working writer. Although I am much disappointed to find that the writing life doesn't include copious amounts of drugs and alcohol, I am glad to have a clearer sense of the time, effort and commitment it takes to accomplish anything as a writer. It's a not-trivial endeavor."

--Tony G. Rocco

Thank you for pouring so much of yourself into this class and thank you for expanding your role and guiding us to be better readers as well as writers. This was an interesting group of people. I think I learned something from almost all of them, and I feel sure that I have you to thank for that."

--Catherine Young, Cookbook Author

"I got away with none of my old devices in your class, and there is nothing that could have been more valuable to me than this. It forced me to write from the most genuine place possible. ..Your investment in my improvement was more than appreciated."

-- Rachel Bergman

I plan to take another writing workshop either this summer or next fall. And I'd take another class with you in a heartbeat.

--Shawn Rogers, Council of State Governments and Justice Center

"Today is the last day of class, and I'm happy to say that I feel like more of a writer. This is primarily because I'm actually writing again, and I think you for focusing on discipline through your advice to use 'notebooks' and to write a little bit every day... I thank you for your thoughtful advice and critique. I learned a lot over these several weeks. And it was such a pleasure to see everyone's storytelling improve and take shape.

--Shabnam Faruki, Lawyer

Thank you for charisma and sense of humor. Thank you for your professionalism.

--Augustin Silva, Magician, Musician, Aspiring Filmmaker

Thank you for sharing yourself with this class. You have made a difference in my life.

--Emily Stern, Post Foods

"This was one of the greatest learning experiences for me. I not only walked away with two pieces I can continue to develop, but insights into creating new pieces, and perhaps the book that's somewhere inside me."

--Lara Salahi, ABC News

"I woke up to find this message in my inbox and wanted to share with you, as I thank you for your insightful guidance in helping to shape my personal statement into one that really made sense for me, and in which I found satisfaction. I took your advice and started a new file, and re-wrote it and turned it into a memorial for my father. There were some tears along the way, but this allowed me to openly bring him into my graduate application process, as he was already there anyway.

Thanks again for helping me put together an acceptance-worthy essay, Carol. I can't believe I'm going to be a graduate student!"

Jean Kim, Lobbyist
TLM Associates, LLC

"Today I am a more effective writer. I owe it to your honesty and encouragement. I hope I can keep you as a mentor in my life. Your words were invaluable to my growth as a writer."

-- Jill Krasny, Writer & Editor, Reader's Digest


"I feel extremely lucky to have had you as a teacher. I have been inspired by your interest in life which seems to extend to every facet of existence."

--Joy Frelinghuysen


"Thanks for being my teacher. I really enjoyed your humor, ranting, compassion, and practical advice for how to get over ourselves (or into ourselves) and make better writing...It's really been an affirming experience."

--Kirk Henderson, Architect

I owe an immeasurable debt of gratitude to Carol Bergman, who helped me from start to finish in bringing my memoir to life. Writer, teacher, mentor, and friend, I struck gold the day I stepped into her Creative Non-Fiction Writing Seminar. Still grieving from the loss of my son, Gopal, in the September 11 attacks, Carol extended a gentle hand with a firm grip. Her astute critiques and ear for language honed my writing skills. But, most importantly, Carol forced me to confront my inner voice and translate it onto the page. The sorrow of losing a child will always persist but a sense of hope and a chance to renew one’s spirit are the gifts I received from Carol. For this, I am eternally grateful.

--Vasu Varadhan, Associate Faculty, Gallatin School of Individualized Study, NYU
Author: "On My Own Terms: A Journey Between Two Worlds"


I really enjoyed your course. You made the requirements and objectives clear at the start and your comments on our work were unfailingly perceptive and helpful. Best of all, you seemed genuinely interested in us, not just the writing, but in helping us go further with it.

--John Spencer. Professor Emeritus, Middlebury College


There has always been a sense of urgency in me, to get out my thoughts, emotions, ideas. And, finally, I have figured out how to revise and write...I feel thoroughly inspired...

--Lindsay Gacad


I don't know how many people I've told, "I love my writing teacher!" You are inspirational, honest and dedicated. I got so much more out of this class than I thought I would. It's been a real introduction to writing-a glimpse into the writer's world...

--Dawn Brighid

I look back on my writing prior to meeting Carol Bergman seven years ago and cringe. I have no hesitation recommending anybody of any level working with her to help improve all elements of the craft. Her thorough yet compassionate editorial input has been invaluable to me. Working with her has been tremendously rewarding.

--Ross Martin, Landscape Architect

I appreciated the structure Carol gave us in the workshop. She set a high bar in terms of what we were asked to do--the amount of work, the quality of the readings, the critiques.

--Bridget Moury, Assistant Manager, Business Affairs, HBO.

At the beginning of Carol Bergman's class, my writing was very rusty. Words didn't come easily to me because I hadn't practiced... I've learned the importance of journaling, both to practice writing consistently and to note daily observations in life that can spark incredible stories...The class taught me that I should be braver and open myself up in order to write stories that are meaningful to me.

--Cathy Yam, Global Talent Associate, The Estée Lauder Companies