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Say Nothing

Two unsolved murders, a killer or killers still at large, and David Rizzo was still missing. And though the murders were grotesque and baffling, local interest peaked and then fell away with the first melt of spring… By the time the cherry blossoms blossomed and fell, and the Wallkill River surged into the flood plain, David Rizzo’s disappearance and the two unsolved murders had vanished from the local papers and from casual conversation. Any fear of a killer residing nearby dissipated in the balmy, scented air…Peg could never understand the capacity to forget so easily.

From journalist and essayist Carol Bergman comes an unconventional murder mystery, “Say Nothing,” set in upstate New York. Private Investigator Margaret Singer and New York State Police Senior Investigator Charlie Griffith team up to solve the disappearance of a decorated Iraq veteran, David Rizzo. Not far into the investigation, the baby boomer detectives realize that the young man’s disappearance is only one of several related crimes committed in their jurisdiction and that the FBI has taken a controlling interest in the case and invoked the Patriot Act. When David’s girlfriend and a young Afghan girl are found murdered, the case becomes even more complex and challenging. At each turn in the investigation, the sense of danger intensifies. Is the government protecting a killer? Will David be found dead or alive?