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Searching for Fritzi

In the summer of 1994, journalist Carol Bergman traveled to Vienna with her elderly mother, a Holocaust refugee, and her daughter. Together, these three generations of women uncovered their family's history and the Austrian complicity in the Nazi genocide.

Like other children of the Holocaust, Carol Bergman grew up oblivious to her parents' story of resistance and escape. Breaking her mother's silence and recording an oral history grew into a hunt for a missing cousin, Fritzi Burger, the Olympic ice skating champion who disappeared at the beginning of the war and the resurfaced during the Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan affair. But the search for Fritzi's story dead-ended in Vienna and the original manuscript was published before Fritzi had been truly "found." Then, in 2008, Fritzi Burger surfaced again in an email to the author from a former soldier in General MacArthur's army. In this revised and updated edition of "Searching for Fritzi," there is suspense, revelation and closure.