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A Change of Seasons

The teaching term is nearly over at NYU so it's time to reflect on the exceptional students I've mentored this term before returning to my own projects: a revision of a murder mystery, the first I've ever written, and some research for another. A long short story, "Water Baby," just won the Glimmer Train "Top 25" prize, prestigious, but they only publish the Top 3, so I am free to place it elsewhere, not easy because of the story's length. And "Searching for Fritzi Redux," was just published in Austria in a University of Salzburg journal. There's a link to a word document on the site if you'd like to read it. I'm anticipating an interesting response in Austria as Fritzi Burger, my mother's second cousin, a former Olympic Silver Medalist, is a heroine in Austria. It's the first time she's been outed as a possible Nazi collaborator (the evidence is not absolutely definitive).

It's late, this is my first blog, so I'll sign off and write again soon.
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