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Out of Print, Back in Print

I received a letter from Orbis Books, the American publisher of my book, "Another Day in Paradise; International Humanitarian Workers Tell Their Stories," to say that the book, published nearly six years ago, is going out of print in the United States and Canada. I was not upset for several reasons: 1/ We had a long run. 2./ The book is still available from another publisher in the UK and EU 3./ There are several used and new copies available on amazon. 4./We live in the digital age.

Orbis Books had received an offer from a reprint house, Wipf & Stock Publishers, out in Eugene, Oregon. I took up their offer, a good one. The book will be available with a new cover, print on demand, within two months.

"Another Day in Paradise," is therefore still very much alive. An order has already been taken from the U. of Wisconsin and I will be working with the marketing department at the reprint house to begin another round of publicity.

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