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A School in Afghanistan

I am always touched by still photographs of students in poor countries bent over their books or slates, pencils or chalk in hand, earnestly, eagerly studying, writing, listening. There are news reports about such children and young adults daily. Yesterday, there was one about a school for girls in Kandahar, Afghanistan where the Taliban had flung acid at a bunch of girls on their way to school last November. I have written a letter to the Headmaster commending his courage and that of the girls. I offered a connection to me and my students at NYU this term, if they are willing, as well as a donation of books. I am mailing this letter today and I have also sent it out via email to the NY Times reporter who wrote the story.

If you are interested in helping me “adopt” the Mirwais School for Girls, please contact me.

Here’s the link to the article :

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