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Clarification is required: Just because I am a proud and devoted owner of a Kindle2 does not mean I am abandoning books or bookstores. I belong to a two-person Kindle Klub wherein I share articles and updates on digital downloading for avid readers. Last week, my Kindle Klub compadre passed along an article by Ann Kirschner, “Reading Dickens Four Ways”: http://chronicle.com/free/v55/i39/39b01601.htm which I agree with wholeheartedly. Reading is important, literature is important, however it is delivered.

If my students are using their iPods to read as well as to text and talk, I am happy. Why? Because they are reading. If my students cannot remember the last book they have read, I am concerned.

Here’s an excerpt from my curriculum: "Reading and writing fuel each other. If you want to develop fluidity in your writing and generate viable story ideas, you must become a voracious reader. I guarantee that all the books on this list are well written. By definition, however, this list is personal. I follow my interests as I read but I also try to stretch myself. I urge you to do the same."

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