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Summer's End

What have I accomplished this summer? I finished a novella-- the fourth in a new series of five—and began a revision of a novel. I’ve kept my observational green moleskin going and written a couple of poems. I’ve hiked, socialized, had some adventures. I’ve read a lot. The teaching term will begin soon but my daily writing regimen will continue, albeit with adaptations.

As an academic and a lifelong student of all that interests me, the fall always feels like a new year to me, one reason among many I am indifferent to the generic new year announced on January 1. As a child, a trip to the store to buy new binders, pencils, pens, reinforcements, rulers, Crayolas and a tin lunchbox, was always thrilling. Nothing stayed fresh for long but it didn’t matter, it only meant that I was already deeply immersed in books and paper, homework and new friends. That has never changed for me. Nor has my enthusiasm for meeting new writers each term in my workshop class at NYU. Everyone brings something of interest and importance to the class. If any prospective students are reading this blog, I look forward to meeting you.

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