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Suddenly, It's Summer

…and more than a month since I have written a blog. Why? Because I am moving. What does a writer do when her writing life is disrupted? Lament. So, this is a lamentation of sorts, though it won’t go on too long, dear reader. In fact, much has been accomplished since the end of term: the notebooks continue, a revision of a book has been submitted to my agent, and I still have time to read a lot. I read all the time, more so now that I have a Kindle application on my new iPhone. This is good for short reads on the bus or standing in line. I’m mesmerized by the technology that syncs the iPhone Kindle app to the Kindle.

But enough of that techno talk. Technologies are tools and what matters is how we use them. Which brings me to FB of which I have written twice on this blog. I am now an aficionado for all the obvious geo-political reasons, but also because, as a writer, I have found a way to distill interesting thoughts into Haikus. I sometimes write longer status reports or put up links to articles, but, mostly, I distill. And this is a writing exercise. Yesterday: “My mother is losing her memory. She has had it for nearly a century.”
That got a lot of heartfelt responses.

I also realize how much I have missed book stores and so my status report on FB today will be just that: I miss bookstores. The other day I spent too much time at The Strand, and bought two books. I could have come away with fifty. It was delicious, truly.
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