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I just opened a Twitter account and, dear reader, have no idea what I am doing just yet. I think it’s free advertising, no? Or a running commentary on whatever we choose to comment upon. Do people tweet more than once a day, every hour, every minute? Is this like texting? Do people write back to one another? Is this, in fact, writing, sound byting, or a new form of poetry?

One of my students suggested I begin tweeting at the end of last term. I looked her up—Lara Salahi, she works at ABC—and sure enough she was there and I have elected and selected to “follow her.” She’s an interesting person, she writes well, so I am sure I will be interested in what she has to say. She had mentioned that a print out of her Twitter tweets gathered together onto one page reads like a narrative. That was good news and spurred me on during this week I’m having of solidifying and updating my social networks. I’ve also made some changes on my Amazon Author Central page. And now I am resting as I write this blog, and doing my laundry. What else do writers do all day?

If you would like to follow me, here's my address:


Any suggestions for tweeting are welcome.

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