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I Love My iPhone

My husband bought me an iPhone for my birthday nearly a year ago. I fell in love immediately. As Hemingway once famously said, “writing is a moveable feast,” and to be able to send texts, answer emails, check the weather, listen to music, upload pictures to Facebook, all while I lead my nomadic writer’s existence has made my personal life and my working life much, much easier. Anyone who owns a smart phone knows what I mean. It’s a magnificent invention.

So I was heart struck Sunday and then again today after reading two investigative articles in the New York Times by Charles Duhigg and David Barboza:



Upon finishing these articles, my immediate thought was this: Had I known about Apple’s egregious behavior, its callous disregard, I probably would not have accepted the gift of an iPhone. Although most electronics are manufactured and assembled overseas these days, other companies are better than Apple at complying with International Labor Law.

I am sure that as a consequence of these articles, there will be more changes. At least I hope so because my second thought is this: Apple is one of China’s best customers. Certainly, they can exert some pressure.

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